Gifted Minds is unique in that it is made up of a psychologist, a counsellor in training plus consultants in NSW and Canberra, whose qualifications include Masters Degrees and PhDs in Psychology or Education, with specialisation in gifted education.

The Gifted Minds psychologist is not a clinical psychologist and does not diagnose mental health disorders or learning difficulties, referring on when necessary.

Our strength is in helping identify areas of ability while deepening understanding of the impact of intensity.


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Gifted Minds is different.

The aim is to assess and identify your child’s profile of intellectual strengths and weaknesses using an appropriately selected IQ test to help you better understand and cater for specific needs at home and in school.

By looking beyond the IQ scores the goal is to help you determine how personal intensities and sensitivities impact in the classroom.

Creativity in responses can be observed and creative-divergent children whose gifts may be ‘invisible’ in the classroom can often be identified. Specialisation with this population enables acute, empathic assessment, looking for nuances while staying within protocol. The pace is based on the child’s individual need to reflect, or to go faster.


These are skills that have been acquired over almost twenty years of studying and getting to know these children and it is a true delight working with your child.



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