Assessment of Intellectual Ability using the Stanford Binet: Fifth Edition or WISC-V. Gifted Minds also offers achievement testing using the WIAT-III for parents who are concerned that their child may be underachieving academically.


This service is available for gifted and/or creative children, adolescents and adults, ranging from age 4 to 85+ years, and includes the actual assessment plus a detailed written report. A twenty minute follow-up by phone or email is included in the total cost.   


Counselling for adults regarding parenting issues concerning intellectual giftedness and creativity    


Talks for parent groups, associations and schools   

Examples of topics that have covered in the past are provided below:

• Latest insights on the assessment of gifted children: What does it all mean for my child?  

• Ability & intensity: Riding the rollercoaster of overexcitability  

• Issues related to self-esteem in gifted children

• How expectation impacts on achievement  

• Rights and Needs: Avoiding conflict, showing support and helping your child

• The 'S' word and the 'F' word': Success' and 'Failure' through the eyes of your gifted adolescent    

• Label libel: Counselling over-diagnosed & mis-diagnosed gifted and creative adolescents


Staff Development Workshops  

Workshops usually focus on answering questions about identifying gifted students. They aim to give teachers a better understanding of what an IQ test is really all about by discussing issues such as: What is being measured? What is "intelligence" and is it really quantifiable? How do IQ and Factors Scores relate to academic performance?

Latest assessment tools, and their pros and cons, are discussed in real terms that make sense from an educational perspective. Workshops are 'user-friendly', interactive sessions during which teachers are encouraged to ask questions about assessment and giftedness in a relaxed and supportive environment.  

Other workshops have had a special emphasis on the affective and socio-emotional issues that often accompany giftedness. Intensities and sensitivities and their impact in the classroom are explored, as well as issues with friendship, self-esteem and motivation. The special needs of gifted children with learning difficulties can also be discussed.

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   Exciting news - Gifted Minds is collaborating with sculptor, Jane Cavanough to present art workshops using mixed media materials and processes aimed at exploring creativity and exciting the imagination. For your restless gifties, near the end of the school holidays this could be just the thing to reignite the joy of play and exploration. please contact Fiona or Dominic for more information and a flier.

























































































































































































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