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Natalie Rimlinger: B. Sc. (Psych) Hons (ANU), PhD (Clin Psych) (ANU), Registered Psychologist.

"It makes me laugh that a high school drop-out gained the honour of being called Dr Rimlinger. How does this happen? As it turns out I’m a gifted, rebellious, underachiever who found my purpose later in life. As the daughter of a Vietnam Veteran, I was a teen in the 80s and rebelled against almost everything – my parents, school, rules. I questioned authority and I questioned what I was taught. Can I say I was a brat? And no body understood me. I told the school counsellor where he could stick it, and when I sat on that chair in a psychologist’s office, I felt it was all rubbish – blah blah blah. No one knew how to handle me. But life went on, and I started a family. I was blessed with two beautiful daughters. As they grew, I knew something was different with my girls, but I thought they were just a bit clever. And boy were they handfuls at times. They never seemed settled and always needed more attention. Anyway, long story short (which I’ll tell you one day if you’re interested), after tests and finding the right specialist, my girls were ‘diagnosed’ as gifted.

And it turns out, so was I! This explains my behaviour as a kid – I was just bored and misunderstood. It was through meeting all these caring professionals, who for the first time understood and helped me, I was inspired to study Psychology. But my point of difference is looking for ways to help gifted individuals and their families. What this means for my clients is having an older, wiser person with a load of life experience sitting opposite them and understanding what they’re going through. And trust me, with the things I got up to, nothing much surprises me! Go on, try me."

My therapy of choice

The therapy I use is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). I choose ACT because it believes we are all cut from the same cloth. If you’re looking for a fully qualified psychologist who has her ACT together, is warm and is authentic (I am who I am – no bells and whistles – it’s just me) and has a genuine desire to help you live a life you’ll value, we should connect.

Psychology services for gifted children, adults and their families

I grew up not knowing that I was a gifted individual. As a result, I was rebellious and dropped out of school early. It wasn’t until I had my children and my youngest was found to be ‘profoundly gifted’ that I started to understand what it meant to be gifted. Finding limited help, it made perfect sense to specialise in this area. Being gifted was the topic of my PhD thesis – I’ve studied this in depth, and I’m constantly researching what makes the gifted ones think. I’ve been that troubled kid, and I’ve been that parent not knowing what to do for my child who’s struggling. And don’t get me started on trying to make schools understand! I get it, and I’ll tell it how it is without judgement.

What you’ll get from me

I offer individual therapy and mentoring for gifted children, adolescents and adults. I get that being gifted is 24/7, and it colours your world. It’s not something that stops when you’re no longer at school. Being gifted is not a hat you put on during school or work hours – the hat we wear is always on. I also support the parents of gifted children as I know how dizzying the roller coaster ride can be. I’m also happy to be an advocate for your children and help you deal with the school. I can talk to parent groups or schools about the experience of raising gifted children, or of being a gifted individual.

Psychological assessment of children 

I can conduct IQ and achievement assessments to help parents (and teachers) to better understand and meet the needs of their children. I have extensive experience in the testing of gifted children and regularly conduct assessments for early entry into preschool or kindergarten.


























































































































































































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