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“Let Nature be your teacher.” – William Wordsworth


Dr Cathie Harrison is an early childhood and gifted education consultant with Gifted Minds. Drawing on her research, doctoral study and many years of experience Cathie supports parents and teachers to understand and respond to the joys and challenges of living, playing and learning with young gifted children. Cathie provides practical parenting and educational advice in relation to children birth to eight years. She can assist with gifted education and parenting recommendations for parents and/or educational settings and is available for face to face and phone consultations. Cathie will also undertake observational visits to early learning centres and schools and engage in collaborative dialogue with parents, carers, teachers and educational leaders to ensure that young gifted learners are recognised and supported. Cathie is also available to deliver professional learning seminars and workshops for teachers or parent education sessions for parents and carers and keynote presentations at conferences. 

Professional Background 

Cathie has been an academic, teacher, researcher, writer and consultant and has over thirty five years of experience in early childhood and tertiary education. Cathie’s Master of Education degree focused on gifted education and her doctoral study combined interests in gifted education and contemporary approaches to learning in the early years. She is the author of the books Giftedness in Early Childhood, Young Gifted Children - Their Search for Complexity and Connection, and co-author of Rethinking Learning in Early Childhood Education and articles on giftedness in the early years in academic journals. In 2010 Cathie was invited to work with colleagues from NSW Department of Education to develop a resource “Gifted and Talented Kindergarten” [GKY] to identify gifted children from low SES and minority backgrounds. The acknowledgements within GKY state, ‘The wisdom and inspirational work of Dr Cathie Harrison has guided the development of the Gifted and Talented Kindergarten Resource Package.’ Cathie has been an invited member of the Victorian Government Expert Panel on Gifted and Talented Children. In 2016 Cathie represented gifted education on the national Early Childhood Australia expert panel on inclusion and in 2017 authored Gifted and Talented - Inclusion and Exclusion for Early Childhood Australia. She has presented her research at national and international conferences and delivered keynote addresses at international, national and state gifted education conferences.



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