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"People are just as wonderful as sunsets if you let them be. When I look at a sunset, I don't find myself saying, "Soften the orange a bit on the right hand corner." I don't try to control a sunset. I watch with awe as it unfolds."       ~ Carl Rogers


Dominic has a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in English and Sociology and a Postgraduate Diploma of Counselling from ACAP. He is a registered Counsellor with PACFA. Dominic's role at Gifted Minds is to work with gifted children, adolescents and young adults in resilience based-training to help with any negative aspects of social or emotional overexcitabilities and sensitivities. 

Growing up a gifted student himself, he has an understanding of the frustration and boredom that can be a factor in some academic situations and institutions and the social and emotional ramifications that can ensue.

Using Person-Centred and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with mindfulness and strength-based techniques, he works with the client to create balance between the intellectual and social spheres, to build resilience in the face of boredom, to understand sensitivity, over-excitability and frustration and to help build and strengthen social skills and adaptability.  

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